Assistant Planner

Gabriella “Gabby” Connor

These are a few of my FAVORITE things...

ONE: Lover of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - Saved me, Healing me, Growing me. 

TWO: Traveling - Exploring other cultures, countries, fully immersing in their way of life. The more you see, the more you know about the world, and about yourself. It goes beyond the social media post. 

THREE:. Movies! Whether it be a good love story, a laugh out loud comedy, a story through a musical or even a cheerful animated family movie. I can watch the same movie repeatedly if it’s something that helps reset or recharge me. It makes me sit still, takes me out out my own head and lets me see life through another lens vs. just my own. That in turn helps me appreciate my life and give me a boost to conquer what’s in front of me. 

FOUR: Cooking- gives me the opportunity to get creative. Even if it doesn’t always work out! I either had fun doing it or learned how NOT to do it next time. Good food always brings people together, and I want my dinner table to do just that. I’m waiting for the day I get a special dish request because I made it just that good. Then I’ll know I’ve made it. 

FIVE: Military service people and Bluebell. I’m from San Antonio, and that’s just how we roll. Immediate connection and acceptance.

I absolutely adore what I do so book Truly Ewers Events - where I will pay attention to the details so that you can focus on the BIG day!

 I can't wait to sit down and learn more about you and your upcoming event.

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