Engaged 101 - Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner

Engaged: What’s the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner?

LOTS! I tend to come across this question often. Think of it this way – What are the differences between a babysitter and your parents. The babysitter is known to protect, watch and care for children in the absence of the parents. However, children spend most of the time with their parents and parents know exactly how to lead and guide the child through the situations of life because they know them on a personal level. Same thing for stands for a venue coordinator vs. a wedding planner. Your venue coordinator will be able to assist you with the basics of planning from a venue standpoint. They will provide you with answers from a logistical view and answer all questions that helps with the planning of the reception. Menu, table, linen and venue layout selections are all in the hands of your trusted venue coordinators. Trust me they are important and some of my favorite people. When it comes to a wedding planner we are here to support, advocate on your behalf, encourage you to use the color you want, to give you different ideas and to make sure that you look good when your guests see the beautiful outcome of a seamless event. One thing we vow to do is to be there when you have no clue on where to start. To be your voice of reasoning when you get Pinterest-wasted and don’t notice that pinners pin ideas that are perfect for smaller count events – not so much for guest counts of 100 plus. We make sure that we keep you on track with your planning and budget. Although you have a venue coordinator think about the bigger picture. Are you able to manage all the other details outside of your venue? If not, we would LOVE to assist you to the altar.

Oh Baby... Tutu Cute!

LOVE creating a moment that brings nothing but joy to the hearts of those who attended. This was a party like no other. The mother to be was adamant that she did not want a typical babyshower and we made sure to fulfill her wishes - and we did just that. DJ ShyGuy played hit after hit and not one person could resist touching the dance floor. Every detail in place with friends and family to shower the couple in love and well wishes made this baby shower a night to remember.

Love what I do! 

Photos: Ryan Prentiess Photography

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